Our Mission

The Foundation was established in 2006 to carry out activities for public benefit. The leading board is formed of five specialists with long experience in the areas of nonprofit activities, culture, education, finance and human resources management.

The main objectives of the Foundation are:
  Sustaining the development of informal education in the country.
  Promoting and implementing educational standards and forms that provide human resource development according with the changes in the labor sector.
  Supporting the development of Bulgarian music, performing arts and musicology.
  Sustaining any activities aimed at strengthening the national identity of the Bulgarian musical art and culture.
  Creation prerequisites for improving the social status and quality of life of the population through the promotion of sustainable development principles, priority in economically underdeveloped regions.
  Generating of social investment by private business sector and various public and private funding sources.
  Transparency, responsibility and professionalism by adopting high ethical standards.
  Stimulating, understanding and integrating into society, taking into account the needs of groups and communities that are economical, socio-cultural, ecological and geographical disatvatged and support their development.