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BICEED has taken measures to ensure that the content of this website is accurate when first made available, the information may be damaged by extraordinary actions against our wish. BICEED does not accept obligation to update information and is not responsible for its accuracy or completeness, nor for the ways in which you may use it. Sites or pages linked to the website and sites to which the website may be linked have informative purposes only and they have not been reviewed by BICEED. The foundation does not accept responsibility or liability for their content nor for any loss or penalty whatsoever caused by matters related to them.


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Using the Website´s Content

The information on this website has informative purposes only. BICEED has the right to change the content and structure of this website at any moment and without prior notice. None of the pieces of information on the website is considered to be a BICEED product/service offer. This website does not include advice or recommendations for your decision-making. BICEED is not responsible for damage that may be caused to website users. BICEED cannot guarantee that the website does not contain mistakes. The foundation does its best to keep the information on the website accurate and up-to-date. Any person interested in our services and products is invited to contact us for further information. When using our website, you, the user, is obliged to respect all laws applicable on websites and not engage in illegal activities such as cracking, hacking or any other activity that may harm our employees, the website, servers, information security etc. As also mentioned in the above sections, you are not allowed to modify, copy, forward, publish, republish, distribute, sell or create derivate products of any of the website's contents or the information obtained from it, unless you have the written permission of BICEED.


BICEED does not guarantee that:
  the website and its content will meet your requirements;
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  the information on the website is up-to-date;
  the site errors will be solved.
We do not take responsibility for any comment or opinion expressed through this website by third parties, except for our clients and authorised partners. BICEED is not responsible for the unauthorised use of the website's content. Changes and updates are official and effective if and when they appear on the website. You are solely responsible for regularly reviewing the website and our terms and conditions. Should you have further questions or requests please contact us.